12H ESTORIL UPDATE – Entry List // Driver’s Briefing
News | April 6, 2020
Gennep, 10 March 2020 – On the wake of the start of the 24h SERIES Europe with the Hankook 12H ESTORIL on 27-28 March 2020, CREVENTIC is happy to announce the provisional list of entries. In dialogue with all competitors and with the aim of full transparency, CREVENTIC publishes a list that showcases all confirmed entries, as well as the ones to be confirmed and retired entries after the calendar change. Furthermore, measures have been put in place to minimize the infection risk, keeping in mind the spread of the COVID-19 virus across Europe. An alternative solution for the driver’s briefing has been found.
Entry List Hankook 12H ESTORIL 2020
In mutual agreement with all teams that were initially enrolled to the start of the 24H SERIES Europe 2020, CREVENTIC has decided to provide full transparency in the current status of entries for the Hankook 12H ESTORIL. Now, 25 cars with drivers have confirmed their entry to the Hankook 12H ESTORIL, with 5 further cars that are due to confirm their entry during this week. After announcing the calendar change, a total of 24 cars have retired, for diverse reasons. The current entry list can be found at the following link:
In the meanwhile, the entry period for the Hankook 12H ESTORIL is still open and last-minute entries are still accepted.
Driver’s Briefing Hankook 12H ESTORIL 2020
Keeping in mind general concerns about the assembly of a larger group of people at the same time, CREVENTIC decided to host the official driver’s briefing of the Hankook 12H ESTORIL in a slightly different fashion than usual. The official driver’s briefing will be streamed live in all pit boxes and on YouTube, keeping in mind that attending the live stream is mandatory. This way, drivers will not need to attend the briefing in a separate area but can follow it from their pit box or online. As a confirmation for attendance, the digital “TEAM PORTAL” application of the 24H SERIES will be used, making the process fully digital and avoiding the assembly.
Next to the driver’s briefing, CREVENTIC is going to enforce additional measures to ensure a safe environment for all competitors during the entire event.
Respecting the number of entries and people involved with participants, the Hankook 12H ESTORIL will be classified as an event with less than 1000 people on site.