2019. A season in pictures; ​Fire in the sky
News | April 9, 2020
Where: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (TCR SPA 500)
When: Saturday 5 October 2019
Who: Teamwork Huff Motorsport (#852, right) and Burton Racing (#46, left)
What: Audi RS3 LMS and Peugeot 308 TCR
Finish: 7th (Overall / Pro-Am) and 6th (Overall / Am)
This was a situation I spoke about earlier. For most of the weekend at the TCR SPA 500, there had been no sun, it had rained pretty much constantly, and there were dark clouds everywhere. And then, for about 10-15 minutes, the rain stopped, the sun dipped beneath the clouds as it was setting, and we got this! It was so dramatic. Almost angry!
Fortunately I was in the perfect spot to shoot this at Malmedy, and I’m shooting an angle that means I can get the sky and the TCR cars in the frame at the same time. That takes some patience!
Usually, with a shot like this, I’m panning with the car through the frame. But here, I want the sky in the background to be sharp as well as the Audi RS3 LMS. That’s quite tough to pull off. And what makes this even more difficult is that the Burton Racing Peugeot 308 TCR was following Teamwork Huff Motorsport closely, which meant that had to be in focus too. So, for this one shot, I had to concentrate on the sky, which was only there for about 10 minutes, while also keeping the Teamwork Huff Audi prominent in the frame and making sure the Burton Peugeot was in focus too. You need three eyes, or at least some kind of sixth sense for a shot like this!