24H DUBAI 201811-12-13 JANUARY 2018
12H SILVERSTONE 20189-10-11 March 2018
12H NAVARRA 201820-21-22 April 2018
12H IMOLA 201824-25-26 May 2018
24H PORTIMAO 20186-7-8 July 2018
24H BARCELONA 20187-8-9 September 2018
12H SPA 201812-13-14 October 2018
24H COTA USA 201816-17-18 November 2018
24H DUBAI 201910-11-12 JANUARY 2019
24H DUBAI 201811-12-13 JANUARY 2018
24H SILVERSTONE 20189-10-11 March 2018
12H IMOLA 201824-25-26 May 2018
24H PORTIMAO 20186-7-8 July 2018
24H BARCELONA 20187-8-9 September 2018
12H SPA 201812-13-14 October 2018
24H COTA USA 201816-17-18 November 2018
24H DUBAI 201910-11-12 JANUARY 2019
3x3H DUBAI 20185-6-7 JANUARY 2018
12H SILVERSTONE 20189-10-11 March 2018
12H NAVARRA 201820-21-22 April 2018
3x3H PORTIMAO 20185-6-7 July 2018
3x3H COTA USA 201815-16-17 November 2018
3x3H DUBAI 20198-9 JANUARY 2019





Open atmosphere • International • Accessible • Attractive venues • High service level • Affordable • Focusing on amateur & gentlemen drivers • Team spirit • Innovative • Fun • Passionate • Fair/sporting and competitive racing, always looking for new challenges/adventures • small team/dedicated service • Original • service orientated


World wide • Championship • affordable cost, extra attractive entry fees for Touring car classes • Mix of GT3 cars, GT4 cars, Touring cars and 24H Specials • Lots of track time • Largest Endurance Series • Champion of the continents • 7 Events/ 6 countries • racing value for money
Low cost • good value for money • Mix Touring Cars & GT4 cars • Pure racing • Unique endurance touring car championship • 5 events/ 5 countries • equal competition, close racing in competitive classes
Mix of Purpose built Prototypes, Sports Production Cars and special prototypes – 4 events/ 3 countries • Longest season distance for prototype cars • Prestigious venues • core of endurance racing • compact championship • new with high potential

International character

Every year the number of teams and drivers that participate in the CREVENTIC RACE SERIES grows. With teams and drivers from over 50 different countries participating in our rounds throughout the whole year, the international character of the series is clearly recognizable. It doesn’t matter where on the world you are from, at CREVENTIC everyone is welcome. From Australia to Mexico and from Singapore to Germany, teams and drivers had positive experiences with our 12 and 24 hour races.

Saturday 24H DUBAI 2018
Friday 24H DUBAi 2018
Thursday 24H DUBAI 2018
Wednesday 24H DUBAI 2018
Sunday 3x3H DUBAI 2018
Saturday 3x3H DUBAI 2018
Friday 3x3H DUBAI 2018
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Public attendance 39.000,+55 nationalities representing the series,Total driven distance 21.693,229km, 3.830 Laps driven, 711.000 website visitors,2.013.141 pageviews, 23.865 Facebook likes, 14.373 Twitter followers

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48-minute video's from each race with all the action, click the thumbnail and enjoy the highlights from the selected race.


23 February 2018

Why the 24H PROTOTYPE ENDURANCES SERIES should be on your radar

23 February 2018

INSIGHT. Balance of Performance, and why it needed to be changed

22 February 2018

GT Retro-series joins the 24H SERIES as support Series during 3 races in 2018

19 February 2018

Entries still available for the upcoming endurance events at Silverstone

14 February 2018

10 things to take away ... the closest finish

14 February 2018

10 things to take away ... debut for both McLaren and Ford

14 February 2018

10 things to take away ... Black Falcon took its 8th consecutive podium

14 February 2018

10 things to take away ... DUBAI was interrupted by 13 caution periods



Sponsor options and benefits

We are thrilled to offer companies the possibility to become a partner of the 2018 CREVENTIC SERIES. What a way to start the 2018 racing season, in one of the world’s biggest international 24-hour races! The popularity of the CREVENTIC SERIES is increasing year after year and with the FIA approval of the international endurance SERIES your brand will have more exposure. Having your company or brand on board will also give you the possibility to be a part of the action, to be right in the middle of it. It is our pleasure to invite you to become a part of the success for the upcoming season.

What is the opportunity?

To become a sponsor/partner for the 2018 CREVENTIC SERIES and having us work hard to represent you and your brand in the national and international racing scene.

What can the 2018 24H SERIES do for you?

  • Raising your company's profile through the media - television, newspapers and Internet
  • Support Corporate Events - This CRVENTIC SERIES has the potential for excellent corporate hospitality and tailor-made VIP packages throughout the events
  • External PR - Connecting your partners and products to the teams, with newsletters, PR information and opportunities for live commercial broadcastings
  • Personal Promotion - Visual branding on our website, the cars, track, 24H magazine and on all our team's safety jackets.

Overview of the Sponsor Benefits Hankook 24H SERIES:

  • Live TV Coverage
  • Commercial possibilities
  • Sponsor stickers on all cars
  • Media exposure in our 24H Magazine
  • Publications on our websites
  • VIP Packages
  • Paddock selling and promotion possibilities
  • Banners on the track and in the paddock areas

Facts and Figures of the CREVENTIC SERIES:

  • One of the world’s biggest and most international endurance races.
  • Every year, we attract more than 90 teams coming from all over the world to the Middle East
  • Teams and drivers coming from 40 different countries
  • More than 20 different car brands participate in the races
  • More than 60 40ft sea-containers will be shipped to Dubai
  • Live TV; Our TV production partner 0221 Mediagroup in cooperation with Radio Le Mans produces an attractive and professional live show of 12 hours as well as a 48 minute highlight show in 5 languages
  • Huge media exposure. Click here for the 24H SERIES 2016 exposure overview
  • Media representatives from all over the world will be present at the CREVENTIC SERIES. More than 130 reporters, journalists, photographers, camera men and directors distributed their impressions to the world.
  • Above you find all CREVENTIC SERIES sponsors/partners

Ideas and Suggestions

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Idea or suggestion

About Us

Founded in 2005, CREVENTIC has fast established itself as one of the most professional organizing bodies in the world of motorsport. Built by, and for, keen amateur racers, CREVENTIC’s network has grown substantially since its ‘humble’ beginnings – continuing to do so today – and remains among the most respected names in the motor racing community, thanks to an ever-increasing portfolio of endurance racing series catering to GT, touring car, Le Mans-style prototype racing, and pretty much everything else in-between.

Based in Gennep, The Netherlands, CREVENTIC’s extensive racing programs welcome teams, drivers and motorsport personnel from around the globe to compete at some of the most challenging and vibrant race circuits in the world, and the highly-competitive racing categories therein. Indeed, providing top-level racing with a relaxed paddock environment has seen the 24H SERIES powered by Hankook tour extensively across Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America, with ambitions to extend this portfolio in the future.

Our focus, however, has never been to ‘win at all costs’. For more than 13 years, CREVENTIC has prided itself on offering high-quality, professional service alongside a welcoming, approachable atmosphere in its paddocks. Team spirit, fair racing, and actively enjoyable competition with an international flair are our bread and butter, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

If you’re interested to learn more about our organization, or how you too can compete in the 24H SERIES powered by Hankook, you can contact us at info@creventic.com. And don’t worry, our multi-national network will be able to assist any enquiries you may have, be it in English, French, German or Dutch.


“At CREVENTIC, we like to do things differently: to create an open environment that’s comfortable as well as professional; to raise expectations and benchmarks through innovation, all while keeping our feet on the ground; to offer the best possible endurance racing experience for everyone, everywhere, with the best value for money; and to give you the most professional and approachable motor racing service you’ve ever had. In short, CREVENTIC wants to put the fun first in racing”

Gerrie Willems
Helen Roukens
Daphne Gengler
Peter Freij
Ole Dörlemann
Rick Hubers
Rick Voesten
Jeffrey Jansen
Martijn Graat
Business process coordinator
James Gent
Editor at large

Creventic BV

Zandstraat 11, 6591 DA Gennep
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 485 471166 | Email: info@creventic.com

Bank details
Creventic BV
Rabobank Land van Cuijk en Maasduinen, The Netherlands
Bank account | IBAN-number: NL82 RABO 0192 3133 98
Swift code: RABONL2UXXX
The chamber of commerce no.: 12057725
VAT-no. NL 814640217B01

Creventic International DWC LLC

DWC Business Center
1st Floor Dubai World Central
Dubai Logistics City
PO Box 390667
Dubai, U.A.E.

Bank details
Creventic International DWC LLC
IBAN: (EUR) AE860520003010902630051
Bank Account: 03010902630051

Bank Name: NOOR BANK
Bank Address:
Noor Bank
P.O. Box 8822, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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